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Product News

How to understand the "load" in the floor test report

  1. Concentrated Load

A load is applied onto a 25mm*25mm steel indentor and the deflection of the panel is measured.

The deflection should not exceed 2.5mm for the concentrated load specified and should not show any permanet deflection.
Its meaning is the point load during the normal using for the raised access floors. Through this data, we can calculate the bearing weight for the floors.
2. Ultimate Concentrated Load
A higher load is applied onto a 25*25mm steel indentor untill the panel collapses or shows pernament deformation. The ultimate load should be a minium of three times the concentrated load, resulting in a safety factor of three.
Its meaning is the ultimate using data for the raised access floors. Under the ultimate data, the raised access floors will show pernament deformation. So the equipment weight can not over this data.
3. Uniform Distributed Load
A load is applied over a 1m*1m area and the delection of the system is measured. The deflection of the system is measured. The deflection should not exceed 2mm for the uniform load specified.
This shows how much the floor can bear when the equipment connected with the raised floor. 
4. Rolling Load
A load is rolled back and forth across the panel through three different size wheels. Deflection of the panel is measured after 10 and 10,000 continuous cycles. 
This data is very important. Many times, the raised floor can bear the load, but finally it is still broken. The reason is that we haven't think about the rolling load.
It shows how much weight the raised floors can bear the moving equipment. Generally it lowers to other loading data. So we need care more to this factor.
5. Impact Load
A load is dropped from 900mm onto a 25*25mm steel indentor without system collapsing.
It shows the accident dropping load to the raised floors. 
From above all, the five load is very important for a raised floor. We must think about it before the actual using.
Also the above affects the final cost for the raised floors.

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