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industry knowledge

Calcium Sulphat Raised Flooring


    Calcium sulphate raised flooring panel (CaSO4)are widely used raise floor panel due to its rich features. Panel is made up of calcium sulphate which is inherently has high mechanical character. CaSO4 raise floor panel has high loading capabilities. One of important property of CaSO4 is that it is less susceptible to change in humidity and temperature. and hence CaSO4 raised flooring system don't suffer from variation in temperature and humidity. This property of CaSO4 raised floor panel make it favourite raise floor panel of data centre designers. CaSO4 as material also helps to improve acoustic properties of panel.

     Panels are made from calcium sulphate or Fibre-reinforced calcium sulphate to have high strength. Galvanised steel panel or aluminium foil provided at top and bottom of core.  

Edges can be supplied with or without edge trim, and are tapered for easier installation or removal of the panels. Panel available with thickness of 16mm to 44mm. Panel Size is 60x60 cm.

Covering surfaces:

Covering surface can be of following types. It glued from factory.

raised floor HPL coveringHigh pressure laminate Vinyl



Real wood


Natural Stones

Structural Components :

Following structural components used to mount panel.

Pedestal, stringer of raised flooringPedestal1.


Acoustic pedestal head gasket3.

Acoustic stringers gasket4.

Heavy Pedestal.

Seismic Pedestal.


Following accessories can be use with calcium sulphate raised flooring panel.

accesories raised flooringElectrical Outlets.

Air Ventilation Outlets.

Ramp Pedestal.

Air diffuser.

Perforated Tiles.

Aluminium Grill tile.


Raised Floor Grommets.

Raised Floor Puller.

Advantages of CaSO4 raise floor.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds are not use in making of this panel hence it is environmental friendly.

  • This panel has high fire resistant capability due to non-combustion nature of core material.

  • This panel can be use in high humid areas.  

  • This panel can be use in hot areas. 

  • With reinforcement this panel can design for high load bearing capacity.

  • Calcium sulphate helps to improve acoustic properties of panel.

Application Areas:

  • Light Duty areas like offices, cafeteria, Hotels rooms, Home etc.

  • Medium Duty areas like Exhibition centres, Hospitals, crowded offices etc.

  • Heavy Duty areas like Industries, plats room etc. 

  • It is widely used as server room or Data Center Raised Floor Tiles.

 For more details of raised flooring cost or to order raise floor please contact us.

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