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industry knowledge

The Outstanding Advantages of Antistatic Raised Floor


1. Simplify the installation of antistatic raised floor, provide more flexibility for the equipment changes and expansion, be convenient for the equipment maintenance

2. On the understructure of raised floor system, the electronics can be connected freely to get the easy installation and convenient maintenance.  As a result, the whole room seems clean and beautiful.  In this way, all the sockets, cables and signal wires can be kept away from damage.  Also the static clamp can be released to the ground to block the electromagnetic radiation.

3. From the other aspect, the under space can be used to fix air conditioning to get the satisfied temperature and humidity.  No matter where the computer sets, they all can get the adjusted air through the air opening of raised floor.

4. Use the adjustability of antistatic raised floor.  Adjust the flatness of the ground to assure the flatness of the whole ground.

These outstanding advantages of antistatic raised floor make the raised floor more and more popular in many situations, such as data centers, factories, laboratories.  Even more and more public places start using antistatic raised floor, so the value of antistatic raised floor has been showed more obviously.

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