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Air-flow Perforated Panel
    • Air-flow Perforated Panel

Air Flower Perforated Panels

There are many reasons for the use of an aircondition system in buildings. In the fields of production, research and laboratories it is important to aircondition machines and to maintain constant production conditions. 

However, in conference and meeting rooms it is necessary to create a healthy and comfortable indoor 


Air-conditioning panels in connection with access floor meet these requirements.

They provide configurable uniform and draft-free supply/exhaust air. For the indoor climate in office areas 

special panels with laminar airflow or panels with air outlets are available.

Steel Perforated Panel  

Steel perforated panel is a special type of panel which must be used to allow underfloor air conditioning to flow through the floor up to the equipment. These panels are called Perforated Air Flow panels because of the 

many holes drilled through them. They are exactly the same size and finish as the solid panels.

Fields of application

• cleanrooms in the field of research and production

• fields of research and production with low particles requirement

• data centers

• air-conditioning of machinery

• assembly, conference and meeting rooms

• office areas (laminar air flow)


• Supply and duct of large air volumes

• variable cross-sections

• compatible with all types of floor systems

Access floor

Optimal indoor air-conditioning According to the current state of technology the optimal air-condition principle for rooms and machinery is the climatisation by means of ventilation panels. This principle takes advantage of the natural behaviour of warmed-up air. The fresh air is passed through the cavity of the access floor and is selectively distributed through the wellarranged ventilation floor panels. The warmed up air to be dissipated is rising by itself and evacuated through the ceiling. Even with full load bearing capacity of the system extreme high airflow volumes can be recirculated. Due to the structural integrity test the personal safety is also given with perforated steel panels.

Air-flow panels use the underfloor plenum for air supply or return and it takes advantage of natural thermal lift with warm and stale air extracted by ceiling returns. This result in more pleasant working conditions for human comfort. It is available in standard or heavy-duty load ratings and surface coverings finish are tailored to match finish of the solid panel.-flA

Surface finishes

A wide variety of factory installed finishes including:

i) 1.6mm thick High Pressure Liminate (HPL)-both conductive and non-conductive

ii) Static dissipative or low emission 3mm thick vinyl-both conductive and non-conductive

on-site :  


Tips for ordering:
1) Where will the raised floor be located?
2) What will be placed on the raised floor?
3) What are the loads that will be placed on the raised floor during construction as well as the loads on the floor during occupancy?
4) What is the Finished floor height?
5) What about the quantity?(How many square meters?)

If convenint, please kindly supply the answers for the above questions. In this way, we will know your projects better and make a perfect floor plan for your rooms.

Any problems, please email us or call us! We will give you the quickest reply!

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