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Extended Raised Floor Grommet
    • Extended Raised Floor Grommet

Extended Raised Floor Grommets are designed to seal a variety of existing perimeter openings, with 

the added flexibility of modification for large and unique openings. Based on measurements at multiple data centers, 55-82% of valuable conditioned air is not reaching the air intake of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. 


This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hotspots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. VITIAN products specifically address bypass airflow and its 

detrimental effects on data center cooling.



Benefits of Grommets


• Increases existing cooling unit capacity

• Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units

• Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life

• Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves cool air delivery through perforated tile   s and floor grates

• Facilitates Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle best practices





• Compatible with both 24 inch and 600 mm tiles

• Can be modified to seal unique cable openings

• Integrate with the raised floor static dissipation system, providing 1 GigaOhm of resistance

• Contain no loose or partially fastened parts, which can become separated or fall through the raised fl    oor

• 100% bypass airflow sealing in areas undisturbed by cable penetrations at static pressures up to 0.1    0 inches of water column

• 100% bypass airflow sealing with four 1/2 inch cables penetrating the Grommet at the static pressure    required to cool up to 3 kW/cabinet

• 90% bypass airflow sealing with four 1/2 inch cables penetrating the Grommet at a static pressure of   0.560 inches of water column




• Maximum Cutout Size Sealed: (6102x 176 mm.)

• Usable Cable Area: (558 x 138mm.)

• Height above the raised floor: 1 in. (25 mm.) with mounting system installed

• 0.020 inch diameter upper filaments

• 0.036 inch diameter lower filaments

• Approximately 10,000 filaments

• Premium-grade nylon Type 6, ensuring flexibility and self-sealing recovery

• Floor Mounting System: Standard self-tapping screws or custom adhesive mounting kit


Consisting of:


• Double-sided, pressure sensitive foam with adhesive backing

• Polyethylene foam pads for static dissipation

• All foam components are non-particulating

• Filament holder: anodized aluminum alloy, black finish



Tips for ordering:
1) Where will the raised floor be located?
2) What will be placed on the raised floor?
3) What are the loads that will be placed on the raised floor during construction as well as the loads on the floor during occupancy?
4) What is the Finished floor height?
5) What about the quantity?(How many square meters?)

If convenint, please kindly supply the answers for the above questions. In this way, we will know your projects better and make a perfect floor plan for your rooms.

Any problems, please email us or call us! We will give you the quickest reply!

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