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Round Air Grommets
    • Round Air Grommets

Vitian Raised Floor Grommets

Circular Floor Grommets designed to fit into Raised Access Flooring panels.Form Aperture in Panel , Drop in Grommet and cables pass securely through aperture in grommet from the floor void. The Grommet is formed from three pieces and this allows the top surface to rotate which exposes or closes the aperture.

Formed from Fire Retardant ABS Rigid Plastic. Designed to be robust enough to walk on without collapse. External Lip allows carpet tile to be trimmed neatly under grommet leaving semiflush fit in office or computer room environments.

A variety of sizes are available (see chart below). Picture illustrates 3 compartment cable segregation, also available as one continuous slot.Enquire for sizes not listed below.

All Dimensions are in MM.

Aperture forming in panels is available on or offsite if required


These accessories include double cup panel lifters, single cup panel lifters, square outlet boxes and round outlet boxes

Products available:

1) Double cup panel lifters

2) Single cup panel lifters

3) Square outlet boxes

4) Electrical boxe

Tips for ordering:
1) Where will the raised floor be located?
2) What will be placed on the raised floor?
3) What are the loads that will be placed on the raised floor during construction as well as the loads on the floor during occupancy?
4) What is the Finished floor height?
5) What about the quantity?(How many square meters?)

If convenint, please kindly supply the answers for the above questions. In this way, we will know your projects better and make a perfect floor plan for your rooms.

Any problems, please email us or call us! We will give you the quickest reply!

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