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Vitian UL2638 Ultra Low Adjustable Plastic Pedestals
    • Ultra Low Adjustable Plastic Pedestals

Vitian adjustable plastic paving&decking supports for material such as stones, tiles, timbers, decking, solar panels, wpc boards, utility ducts, pipes in the areas of roof terraces, garden terraces, hotels, water teatures swimming pools and so on.



Adjust Range:26-38mm



Resistant to atmospheric agents, acids, ultraviolet deterioration and to temperatures between -30 degrees to + 120 degrees C


- Fast and clean application of paving system without mortar.
- Uniform spacing between paving slabs.
- Easy removal of slabs if required
- Water drainage between and beneath paving
- Labour saving
- Safer walking surface without standing water.
  Vitian adjustable plastic paving & decking supports enable the paving slabs to be lifted off the roof surfacethereby allowing for effective drainage between and beneath. Fine height adjustment is achieved by rotation of the head.




Tips for ordering:
1) Where will the raised floor be located?
2) What will be placed on the raised floor?
3) What are the loads that will be placed on the raised floor during construction as well as the loads on the floor during occupancy?
4) What is the Finished floor height?
5) What about the quantity?(How many square meters?)

If convenint, please kindly supply the answers for the above questions. In this way, we will know your projects better and make a perfect floor plan for your rooms.

Any problems, please email us or call us! We will give you the quickest reply!

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