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wood plastic support composite
    • wood plastic support composite

  • Professional raise floor adjustable plastic pedestals system for supporting and leveling all kinds of pavers without any damage of waterproof surface

  • Adjustable pedestals are designed to make leveling as simple and fast as possible-just turning screw ring

  • Contractors, designers and installers can take all advantages of pedestals to adapts leveled spaces freely, fast and accurate

  • Adjustable plastic pedestals are designed with highest degree of professional care and conduct

  • Minimum number of essential product elements to make all work with leveling easy and fast

  • Adjustable plastic pedestals base with wide base plate for perfect stabilization, pedestals screw ring to easy adjust height, pedestals top head with full top plate for stability of paver tile and wood joists

  • Wide range of pedestals from 40 up to 750mm and even up to 1000mm with application pedestals spacing sleeve

  • Maximum weight bearing in design capacity is 1000kg/pedestal

Tips for ordering:
1) Where will the raised floor be located?
2) What will be placed on the raised floor?
3) What are the loads that will be placed on the raised floor during construction as well as the loads on the floor during occupancy?
4) What is the Finished floor height?
5) What about the quantity?(How many square meters?)

If convenint, please kindly supply the answers for the above questions. In this way, we will know your projects better and make a perfect floor plan for your rooms.

 If your order quantity is large, we can give you a good discount!

Any problems, please email us or call us! We will give you the quickest reply!

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